Selling Through Customer Service Stories

When pitching your services to a client it is always best to give them a personal experience, they want to feel comforted and reassured during the process. Besides being able to understand exactly what your customers want and need it is also good to have other items in your repertoire that will help you close […]

I want to live the dream and work from Bali!

Monday mornings, the official start of the “work week” (for those who are 9 to 5ers).  But for those who are crazy enough to persue their dreams of starting and owning their business, Monday’s is just another work day. My Monday started as usual, I woke up 6am, mediated, had my espresso, worked out, ate […]

How to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle When Working from Home

According to the Forester Research, approximately 30 million people in the USA are working from home. This number, however, is expected to increase to 63 million people by next year, which basically means that 43% of the workforce will work from the comfort of their home. (That’s almost half the workforce in America!) And although […]

Reasons You Should Be Using Social Media as Your Customer Service Gateway

Social Media, it is everywhere and everyone is using it. From Big Businesses right down to single consumers. It would be hard not to throw a beach ball into a crowd and hit someone that didn’t have at least one social media account. Businesses should be embracing social media as a way to bring in […]

Creating a Marketing Schedule

While it is true that September is coming in shortly, it is never too late to create plans in regards to your business’ marketing campaign. People say that marketing is similar to planting a tree; there are practically two best times to do it. One of them is 20 years ago, or in our case […]

Creative Customer Service Ideas Using VoIP

Regardless of how large or small your company is, people will want to contact you in a number of ways. Most customers expect to hear and have a person respond to them on the other side of the line; as some become frustrated at a fully automated system that prevents them from hearing that real […]

5 Ways Entrepreneurs Fight the ‘Anxiety Monster’

It is not at all uncommon that you find entrepreneurs with anxiety issues in today’s world. As a matter of fact it has kind of became a ‘thing’ that they tend to look stressed out. It shouldn’t come as a surprise though, since the entire life of the company, its success or failure rests solely […]

VoIP Features That Help Enhance Your Level of Customer Service

  Customer service is all about helping your clients and patrons and getting them what they want and need. The “Golden Rule – Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. ” applies within customer service as you would not want to be treated with disrespect on the phone neither do your […]

5 Different Ways to Recreate Your Business This Summer

Summer is the time for relaxation, recreation, revitalization, and overall fun. However, for some small businesses it can be their downfall as clients don’t come in as often, and the overall business slows down to a crawl. There are many things that a small business can do to help re-create themselves during the summer so […]

8 Tips to Help Grow Your Startup

Tips to help your startup grow

Owning a startup can indeed be a daunting task at times. Here are 8 tips that can help you battle the most common obstacles startups face during their growth. 1. Utilize your budget to its maximum It does not matter what you are dealing in, marketing should always be at the top of your list […]